What You NEED

To display a Website on the Internet you need the following -

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Pages

Domain Name

This is your address (URL). eg www.mydomain.com


This is a server connected to the internet 24 hours a day. Your website is stored there and it displays your website to visitors.


This is your website. Pages of code that allows a visitors computer to read your website.
eg Home, About, Contact etc

We do it all

We can register your Domain Name, Arrange Hosting, Install a Content Management System, Build a Custom Website, Customise a Template or Update an Existing Website.

We will register your choosen domain name and at the same time set the DNS to point to your host. Choosing a domain name is of vital importance to your Search Engine ranking and your promotion. There are several factors to consider, so please consult with us and use our expertise to secure the best possible name.

We can arrange affordable top quality hosting. We bulk buy hosting from a large reliable company and pass the savings on to you. Packages start from a low $95.40 per year Read MORE here......

All About Web specialises in building Content Management Systems where you, the owner, have full control of your website.

The features of our CMS sites make them so much more useful and active than static sites that we feel our CMS websites ARE ALIVE!!!

Some kind words from clients –

“Hi Rob, the website really looks fantastic now, I think the videos are a great draw card for new brewers, and I believe the names and pictures, categories and layout of the website is one of a kind and 1000 times better than any competitors site I have seen!!
Thanks for all the hard work you have done to get it to this stage! We truly are a cut above the rest with our online store!!

When it comes to website design and management, in our business we had tried them all with little success, until we started working with Rob!
We have been working with Rob for over 7 years, and found him to be extremely knowledgeable, very friendly, and able to help us with all our website inquiries!
In our experience, When you have a website problem that needs immediate attention, the majority of computer technicians give you an excuse as to why it cannot be sorted in the necessary time frame.
This has never been the case when dealing with Rob Healey! Our online business has grown from strength to strength, primarily due to the hard work and dedication we have received from Rob, would definitely recommend you give him a go!”

R B Morgan Aussiebrewer.com.au


“I would like to say a big thank you to Rob Healey, who kindly spoke to me about our website ranking and how we could increase our exposure and thus our direct bookings. Rob is a web designer and he did a significant amount of work to the site which I am thrilled to say made an almost immediate difference to the volume of bookings coming through. Because we don’t pay any agent commission on bookings from our website this is a great saving and we are amazed at the difference Rob made and very grateful for his input and technical assistance”
Jan Penerata, Inn Cairns


From an email received 7 months after website finished-

Just wanted to give you a quick email to say that I really, really appreciated all the extra time and effort that you put into my website. I struggled for years to find the right person who would do me justice and I found that in you.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart for such good work.  It is paying off.  I am getting enquiries all the time, my timetable for this year is already close to full and now I have enquiries from exclusive resorts who want me as their photographer.  This is not an email to rant and rave over my successes, but to include you in my success.  

Thank you!

Natalie Martin



“I highly recommend ‘All About Web’ for their ‘Can Do’ attitude, empathy and complete customer service. All of which put them ‘a cut above the rest’!

In a rapidly changing world, it’s a pleasure to find someone left with integrity and old-fashioned core values, with genuine passion for what they do!

Not just the usual fast moving company eager to get to the invoice stage of the transaction!

Thank you Rob for such an easy journey down a complicated road.


AUTO ART photography

FOCUS imagery”   http://www.focusimagery.net/    http://autoartphotography.com/


Comment on Facebook 14th April 2012 from Joanne Male http://weddingscairns.com.au/
Hi Rob I want to thank you for helping me with my website – I am so happy with it and your input was so valuable, and thanks for being on the other end of the phone when I call to say HELP! which is often, I could not have done it without your expertise and ongoing support, I am really enjoying being able to learn about “how it all works” and being able to manage part of it by myself…Thanks Rob


“HI Rob,
I really appreciate the time that you have put into this website.  I just wanted to let you know. Sometimes in life people need a hand up – and you are giving me this hand.  In this tough world, this help is hard to find and when it is given, most people these days take it for granted.  I have worked hard to achieve what I have done, and you are helping me achieve my dream.  Trust me, it will never be forgotten or underestimated and I am not taking it for granted.
Natalie Martin http://weddingsphotographercairns.com.au/


“Rob Healey web design have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Rob has delivered a top quality site (www.bensonstraining.com.au) which we are extremely impressed with. He has certainly exceeded our expectations. Rob spoke a language that I could understand throughout the project and answered questions before I had thought of them. Rob quickly grasped the concept I was after and came up with some excellent ideas and concepts which we ran with. I have had fantastic feedback from clients on our website layout. Rob is always professional and responsive to any changes we need and I always refer him to anyone who needs web design services. I believe Rob is a web designer with true insight, fresh ideas and even fun to work with, what more would you want!

Tracy Benson, Bensons Business Training”  http://bensonstraining.com.au


“I am very pleased with my Website from All About Web.
Rob Healey’s approach to his work is professional, thorough and thoughtful. While he designed my Website, Rob was readily available to discuss ideas, offer wise suggestions and answer questions. Rob’s knowledge and understanding of Web design and current trends is up-to-date through continual research and many years of experience.
His dedication is evident in the extra care and the quality service he provides.
I appreciate Rob’s sincere offer of continued, future support as my Website evolves.
Dorothy Cois. Bed, CMC. http://marriagecelebrantcairns.com.au”


Hi Rob,

You are better than a web designer!!!!  ……….  Love everything so far!!  Keep up the brilliant work ……
Natalie Mart6in  http://weddingsphotographercairns.com.au/