What You NEED

To display a Website on the Internet you need the following -

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Pages

Domain Name

This is your address (URL). eg www.mydomain.com


This is a server connected to the internet 24 hours a day. Your website is stored there and it displays your website to visitors.


This is your website. Pages of code that allows a visitors computer to read your website.
eg Home, About, Contact etc

We do it all

We can register your Domain Name, Arrange Hosting, Install a Content Management System, Build a Custom Website, Customise a Template or Update an Existing Website.

We will register your choosen domain name and at the same time set the DNS to point to your host. Choosing a domain name is of vital importance to your Search Engine ranking and your promotion. There are several factors to consider, so please consult with us and use our expertise to secure the best possible name.

We can arrange affordable top quality hosting. We bulk buy hosting from a large reliable company and pass the savings on to you. Packages start from a low $95.40 per year Read MORE here......

All About Web specialises in building Content Management Systems where you, the owner, have full control of your website.

The features of our CMS sites make them so much more useful and active than static sites that we feel our CMS websites ARE ALIVE!!!

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

We have several clients ranking on page one of Google, including Photographers, Business Advisors, Lawyers, Accountants, Marriage Celebrants and more - proof of our SEO skills.

Attracting viewers to a website is vital. Being listed high up in the organic search results is so important that no business can afford to ignore Search Engine Optimisation.

Our websites are all constructed with a high level of search engine optimization built in and many of them attain high page rank with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Services help push websites that are in competitive markets to higher page ranks.

Our most amazing SEO results: Our Search Engine Optimisation has helped three clients with the same type of business, to all rank on page one of Google for the same search term!! That is 3 out of the ten available places on the best search page, and they are in a competitive industry.
We have had a new page picked up by Google within 10 minutes of it going live – proof that our configuration of the CMS works incredibly well.
One clients website reached page one of Google in only 4 days from going online. Further proof that our methods work.

We receive many glowing thank you’s for our work – “Thanks from the bottom of my heart for such good work. It is paying off. I am getting enquiries all the time, my timetable for this year is already close to full and now I have inquiries from exclusive resorts who want me as their photographer. ” Natalie Martin http://weddingsphotographercairns.com.au/

These excellent SEO results are affordable and flexible.

Affordable: You pay for as much website optimization as you want
Flexible: We keep all our research files so can easily carry out further SEO at a later date.
Thorough: We check and repair all the main SEO factors and ensure the website is configured correctly then work to a proven plan, which begins with research on the essential SEO ingredient. From this we build up a powerful system where each SEO component works together to promote the website.

How it Works:
1. We consult with the client to determine objectives, competition etc
2. We advise on the level of optimization necessary
3. We use all our knowledge and  tools to optimize the website for the major search engines, to the level agreed on.

Costs: The initial consultation is FREE. Cost of SEO is advised at that time, with no obligation.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Service is available to clients using our Content Management System. Optimisation can also be done on static HTML websites, but usually not to the same level. A very important reason why we highly recommend our CMS.