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To display a Website on the Internet you need the following -

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Pages

Domain Name

This is your address (URL). eg


This is a server connected to the internet 24 hours a day. Your website is stored there and it displays your website to visitors.


This is your website. Pages of code that allows a visitors computer to read your website.
eg Home, About, Contact etc

We do it all

We can register your Domain Name, Arrange Hosting, Install a Content Management System, Build a Custom Website, Customise a Template or Update an Existing Website.

We will register your choosen domain name and at the same time set the DNS to point to your host. Choosing a domain name is of vital importance to your Search Engine ranking and your promotion. There are several factors to consider, so please consult with us and use our expertise to secure the best possible name.

We can arrange affordable top quality hosting. We bulk buy hosting from a large reliable company and pass the savings on to you. Packages start from a low $95.40 per year Read MORE here......

All About Web specialises in building Content Management Systems where you, the owner, have full control of your website.

The features of our CMS sites make them so much more useful and active than static sites that we feel our CMS websites ARE ALIVE!!!

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Web Designer

Award winning Web Designer, featuring a Content Management System which makes your Website ‘Search Engine Friendly’, increasing Page Rank & Visibility

A good Web Designer will create a great website design that is responsive, smart phone friendly and will also build a website that is optimised to be found by the search engine and gain good page rank.

At All About Web we produce quality professional websites,  balancing current website trends of web design and function with longevity of design and flexibility of the code framework used.

Attracting viewers to your website is vitally important.

Our Content Management System is Web & User friendly and allows the owner access to add and edit pages, upload photo’s etc as easily as sending an email. No programming knowledge necessary.

Our Web Design uses CMS websites that AUTOMATICALLY notify the major Search Engines after every update.

This Search Engine Optimisation gives your website huge potential to attract more visitors, your website will quickly achieve best page rank and visitors can find your website more easily.

Our CMS also regenerates an XML Sitemap and inserts search term keywords into the head of every page – automatically.

Optimising your website this way is a huge benefit, and the automation is also saving you time and money.

Prices start from $1200 for our DIY CMS website.

Our website designs are good-looking and web friendly. We do custom designs and have a large number of templates to choose from. Every website we build must meet our critical standards, look attractive and be functional.

Easy & Affordable: Anyone with basic email skills can manage our CMS, or we can manage it for you. Read MORE here……

All About Web can register your name, design your site and host it. We can do everything for you or as little as you choose. Prices start from a low $1200 for our DIY website. Read MORE here……

* The features of our CMS sites make them so much more useful and active than static websites that we feel our CMS websites ARE ALIVE!!!