What You NEED

To display a Website on the Internet you need the following -

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Pages

Domain Name

This is your address (URL). eg www.mydomain.com


This is a server connected to the internet 24 hours a day. Your website is stored there and it displays your website to visitors.


This is your website. Pages of code that allows a visitors computer to read your website.
eg Home, About, Contact etc

We do it all

We can register your Domain Name, Arrange Hosting, Install a Content Management System, Build a Custom Website, Customise a Template or Update an Existing Website.

We will register your choosen domain name and at the same time set the DNS to point to your host. Choosing a domain name is of vital importance to your Search Engine ranking and your promotion. There are several factors to consider, so please consult with us and use our expertise to secure the best possible name.

We can arrange affordable top quality hosting. We bulk buy hosting from a large reliable company and pass the savings on to you. Packages start from a low $95.40 per year Read MORE here......

All About Web specialises in building Content Management Systems where you, the owner, have full control of your website.

The features of our CMS sites make them so much more useful and active than static sites that we feel our CMS websites ARE ALIVE!!!

Affordable, Quality Hosting from $8.79 per month

We bulk buy hosting and pass the savings on

Generous Disc space and Bandwidth.

Clients can choose from several levels of Hosting.

All Hosting Servers have High Reliability.

  • Our Content Management System requires a reliable up to date server system.
  • We prefer to use our own hosting for clients websites because each server system has its own individual setups.
  • We know the ones we use are suitable for the CMS and how they’re setup.
  • Not using our servers nearly always causes some time delays because of irregularities or unknown settings and can cause on going delays.
  • Because of our bulk purchase of hosting, we have higher level server support than an individual website can get.

STANDARD HOSTING $105.40 per year

This is with a US Based Hosting company that we began using in 2007.
1000mb disc space, 10,000mb bandwidth – more than ample for most sites.

PREMIUM HOSTING $199.95 per year

This is with a large AUSTRALIAN hosting company.
1000mb disc space, 30,000mb bandwidth
Australian hosting is more expensive but there are many benefits including faster site loading which in turn raises the SEO ranking.
We strongly advise all new clients to use our Premium Hosting
Standard hosting will eventually be phased out.


For online shops and websites with high traffic
Hosting is organised to suit individual circumstances. POA


Consult us before registering a name, there are several important
factors involved.

Choosing the best domain name is of vital importance to your ranking on the
search engines and your promotion.

Consult with us BEFORE you register a name and we will help you make the
best choice.

Registering a domain name is the best time to change the DNS to point to
your host, failing to do this creates delays and more work re-configuring.


Initial Establishing Fee $20.00
One Years Registration $23.95
Total $43.95

Initial Establishing Fee $20
Two Years Registration $44.95
Total (for 2 years) $64.95
.NET etc
On Application

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