What You NEED

To display a Website on the Internet you need the following -

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Pages

Domain Name

This is your address (URL). eg www.mydomain.com


This is a server connected to the internet 24 hours a day. Your website is stored there and it displays your website to visitors.


This is your website. Pages of code that allows a visitors computer to read your website.
eg Home, About, Contact etc

We do it all

We can register your Domain Name, Arrange Hosting, Install a Content Management System, Build a Custom Website, Customise a Template or Update an Existing Website.

We will register your choosen domain name and at the same time set the DNS to point to your host. Choosing a domain name is of vital importance to your Search Engine ranking and your promotion. There are several factors to consider, so please consult with us and use our expertise to secure the best possible name.

We can arrange affordable top quality hosting. We bulk buy hosting from a large reliable company and pass the savings on to you. Packages start from a low $95.40 per year Read MORE here......

All About Web specialises in building Content Management Systems where you, the owner, have full control of your website.

The features of our CMS sites make them so much more useful and active than static sites that we feel our CMS websites ARE ALIVE!!!

Varied Examples of our Work –


ABC Radio’s ‘Fishtalk’ host, Jason Hagen’s Adventure Company at Lake Tinaroo, Atherton Tablelands. We used the colours of the outback as a background theme, with plenty of Jason’s own photo’s to show the beauty of the region and the HUGE Barramundi being caught. It made us want to go fishing again!

This site was Awarded a Silver medal by the Australian Web Designers Network.



This Corporate Website was awarded a Gold medal by the Australian Web Designers Network. Image was very important to this client who wanted an existing logo and colour scheme to be incorporated into the design.

The tall buildings and colour scheme suggest high achievement in the corporate world, horizontal scrolling added an unusual dimension.



We converted an existing website to a Content Management System for this client, who is now able to quickly edit pricing and display special offers. He is also building an Image Gallery of happy customers.

Continual updating and site activity influences the Search Engines and contributes to better page rank.



This is an example of our CMS websites where the owner has full control of the content and the major Search Engines are AUTOMATICALLY notifed of every update.

Comments are enabled and visors also use the contact form to connect.



This company uses their Website to display their quality work and design.

The website has large slideshows to display interior and exterior photo’s for prospective clients to view.



There’s a time to be serious and a time to have fun!

This website brings a smile to most viewers and the young UK owner has full control of the Content Management System that runs the site.



A Real Estate Success Story.

This website was fundemental in selling the property with just one small advert in the local newspaper. The advert displayed the web address and interested buyers were able to view many photo’s and videos which created great interest.

A cost effective solution with a great result.




This web design was awarded a Silver medal by the Australian Web Designers Network, judged on Graphics, Artwork, Layout, Navigability, Functionality and Originality.

Created very quickly due to the surprise call of an early election, we liaised closely with the publicity agent, photographer and local newspapers to co-ordinate this website with the overall campaign, which sometimes meant late night adjustments and uploads, to keep the site up to date.


Attracting viewers to your website is vitally important.
The essential feature of our award winning Web Design is a Content Management System which has the ability to make your Website ‘Search Engine Friendly’, increasing its visibility so that it can be found.

Our CMS websites AUTOMATICALLY notify the major Search Engines after every update.
This Search Engine Optimisation gives your website huge potential to attract more visitors, your website will quickly achieve best page rank and visitors can find your website more easily.