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Easy thumbnails is a free program that resizes one or several photos at the same time

Download it here

Read the Manual –


Photos in a digital camera are huge!! typically 4mb or more. Left at that size they will take a long time to appear on a website, they will use a lot of bandwidth both at the server and for the viewer.

This is unnecessary – it’s easy to resize photo’s with Easy Thumnails.

The average monitor resolution is 1024 pixels wide, when fully open (2012)

Photos on the web need to be a maximum 900px wide or high – this gives a file size between 150-350kb


Quick Info –

Ste the maximum width and height to 800px

Select the folder where you want the thumbnails to be put

Open the folder with the photos, select one or many of them and click ‘Make’

If you want to create thumbnails for all the photos in the folder, click ‘Make All’

The new thumbnails will have the prefix tn_ so are easily identified.


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